We close our eyes…

…and the world has turned around again (thanks, Danny Elfman).

It’s seems like it happened yesterday, but no. The world is changing, but I don’t feel it in the water or air (sorry, Galadriel).

I met very nice people at companies that became other companies, or have been swallowed by giants.

You can call me a melancholic. Or simply old. But I saw:

– Internet Security Systems, and the entire X-Force team, a security reference in early 2000’s, to almost disappear into IBM;

– Ciphertrust being acquired by Secure Computing, which was acquired by McAfee, together with the good people of SafeBoot, which is now an INTEL division;

– Sonicwall becomes Dell;

– Netscreen becomes Juniper;

– Cisco acquired Linksys (and now wants to sell it again), together with other tens of companies. Just check their website, they need to organize their acquisitions by year;

– Tipping Point became 3Com, which is now HP;

– NetIQ and Novell purchased by Attachmate;

And what I think about all those moves?

Well, the smallest effect was my trash can filled with old business cards.

The worst? Good people being let go or buried into giants bureaucracy, not to mention less competition in the market.


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